MLH| 02 March 2019

RamDev members gathered in preparation for HooHacks.


MLH| 26 February 2019

Chase shared insights and tips on how to be successful after graduation and shared some aspects of the current project he's involved in.

No Code app Building with Mendix

MLH| 19 February 2019

Jeet from MLH did a presentation on mendix which is a is a low-code software platform that provides tools to build, test, deploy and iterate applications. Students were given a demo to learn how mendix works at first then proceeded on creating their own web apps.


Johns Hopkins University| 15 February 2019

Students gathered in preparations for HopHacks.

Building Scalable Apps with CockroachDB

MLH | 12 February 2019

Jeet from MLH came back to introduce CockroachDB and how to integrate scalable apps with it.


Afton/NewMarket | 05 February 2019

Matt Nuckols gave an introduction to typescript and why major companies are quickly embracing it.

GeorgeTown Hoyas

HoyaHacks | 02 February 2019

Preparations for HoyaHacks were discussed by students who have attended HoyaHacks in the past, previous challenges from last year's HoyaHacks were also displayed to ramdev members.


Mozilla Engineering Team | 29 January 2019

Engineers from Mozilla discuss internship opportunities and give insights on various projects Mozilla is working on. The Mozilla team also emphasized the impact interns had on these projects in the past years and shared previous interns' experience during their stay at Mozilla.


MLH | 26 January 2019

Jake shared his insights on the challenges presented at EarthHacks.

Machine Learning Model Deployment

CoStar | 03 December 2018

Chase Greco discussed different methods of deploying machine learning models.

Machine Learning Model Deployment

CoStar | 03 December 2018

Chase Greco discussed different methods of deploying machine learning model.

Technical Interviews

Federal Reserve of Richmond | 26 November 2018

Joel Fuller from Federal Reserve of Richmond stopped by to share tips on cracking technical interviews. Sample coding questions were shown and discussed to help students identify a common pattern technical questions have.

Capital One

David Walter | 19 November 2018

David from Capital One visited RamDev to give a talk about the freely-available articles, methodologies, documentation, tools, and technologies in the field of web application security.


Jeet Gajjar | 05 November 2018

Jeet from major league hacking comes back again to shed some light on the technology of Blockchain and why some consider it an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions.

Mastering Behavioral Interviews for Software Engineers, Data Science, and Developers

Radify Labs | 29 October 2018

RamDev welcomes Allison Garret from Radify Labs to give us insights on how to prepare for behavioural interviews, in depth analysis about how body language plays an important role and how students can organize their chain of thoughts to respond more efficiently to the questions asked.

Introduction to Machine Learning/NLP

Andriy Mulyar | 08 October 2018

Andriy explains how machine learning is expanding to quickly become one of the hottest fields in computer science and the endless possibilities that it brings when combined with NLP.

iOS Development

Mit Amin | 01 October 2018

Mit introduces aspects of iOS programming using Apple's xcode environment and goes over the differences between objective-c and swift.

Project Management: Hyperloop

John Naylor, Chris Jones, Jon O'Dell | 17 September 2018

Students who are part of the SpaceX Hyperloop competition share their experiences during the summer '18 in Hawthorne,CA.

Bug-Free SPARK Programming

Jeet Gajjar | 10 September 2018

Jeet from MLH gives a talk about Bug-Free SPARK Programming (MLH Localhost Workshop). Come here to learn why SPARK is robust and used by major government agencies, cool stickers, USBs with SPARK and PIZZA will be provided :)

Spring Boot

UDig | 02 April 2018

UDig will be giving a talk about Spring Boot. More details are coming soon.

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MLH Localhost

Yadunandan Pillai | 19 March 2018

We will be hosting a MLH Localhost Slideshow Karaoke session! Join us for MLH swag, chipotle, and practice with public speaking.

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Master The Mainframe

IBM | 12 March 2018

We will be hosting a Master the Mainframe Meetup, led by representatives from IBM. You can see the ad below for why mainframes are cool. Come to this meeting to get access to an IBM Z mainframe and be taught how to use it. There will be IBM swag available to all participants, and prizes for those who complete certain challenges.

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Dominion Energy | 26 February 2018

This week, we are hosting a speaker from Dominion Energy. They will be talking about cyber-security:

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Chase Greco | 05 February 2018

This week, Chase Greco, a CS Masters student at VCU, talked about developing Minecraft plugins. Specifically, how to develop Minecraft plugins with Sponge, IntelliJ, and Minecraft Dev. plugin. There will be free food this Monday!! We will be serving Jimmy Johns! Please come eat out food!

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John Naylor | 29 January 2018

John Naylor and the Hyperloop team gives a presentation on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop competition, embedded hardware/software, and technical challenges faced in this challenge.

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